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The irony is that the Apps on the 950 are pretty good these days. Skype is basically stable (as in doesn't crash much - they change bits of it regularly).

The Office apps are excellent and improve all the time (shared access etc.)

Maps supports tabs like the desktop version (same code) and thus allows multiple places to be searched/visible at the same time - Google Maps still does not do that, even on a PC.

Of course, the maps can be offline, multiple whole countries. Nothing else comes close. The 3D stuff is very cool and Navigation doesn't require a data service.

Edge is fast, and given the 3-yr-old HW, really fast.

Mail, OneDrive, Photos, Messaging (Skype merges SMS/Skype, which is v. useful).

And things like the Translator are still active and useful. I still prefer the way Contacts work on WinPhone, all the contact history across all the mechanisms (email, SMS, Skype etc.).

I am sure there are 1000s upon 1000s of Apps it doesn't have but I have no real need of them, apart from wanting a Santander App that is. I have an RBS app and it is useful so I would like to have the other one - perhaps moving to RBS for that account is the answer.

I know I am in a minority but I have used Android and iOS a lot with work and I just don't find them as fluid or attractive, UI wise. More Apps is just not a good enough reason for me to switch.

Still, they haven't switched off Win10 notification so I guess I don't have to switch.

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