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> Android is a sinch these days, and the setup will walk you through everything. You can't really go wrong.

Really? When I recently switched to Android, as part of the set up it asked me to log in to my Google account, which I did. Now, I have two-factor authentication turned on, so the phone asks me to enter the code Google have sent me. Which they have. To the phone which hasn't yet finished set up so won't let me access any incoming text messages.

I've still not found out how to add contacts to the phone's contact list rather than sending them to the Google mothership. And why on earth do you need to give Google access to your entire life history and permission to monitor everything you do going forwards in order to ask the "assistant" what the time is?!

Anyone criticising the WP UI for being a mess *really* needs to cast a critical eye over the Android world, especially the non-stock distributions being sold by the likes of Sony / Samsung.

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