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I really like the Tetris thing of different sized icons. It was about the only thing I liked about the Android UI too. Having used all 3 systems on my phones - though Android longest ago, so I'm out of date on what it can do nowadays...

It means I can create a custom screen where the buttons I use least are smaller. And a couple are huge, not to make them easier to press, but to divide the screen into different sections. I admit I'm an unusual user in that I want some functions to be usable when I'm out-and-about and not wearing reading glasses - so they should be bigger - and stuff where I'm going to need my glasses to operate them anyway (app store, settings etc), may as well have small icons.

That's the other thing I like, the ability to have a larger text size. So my address book and text messages can be readable without glasses.

I admit I'm an unusual user, but it is true for everyone that with phone UIs there are some tasks you need to do at moments when you're distracted and in awkward places. Answering/making calls, sat-nav while walking. These need to be easy, intuitive and have as few distractions as posisble Other tasks are done more deliberately - and so you can go to town on the details.

I got my Mum a Windows phone, and she said the other day that she was sad that she'd have to upgrad to something different soon. I'd say she's found it even easier to use than an iPad - although that could be because it does less.

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