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All those trumpeting how great Windows 10 is have no idea how much Microsoft plans to squeeze every last drop of money and monetary value out of you from their new ever changing ever more expensive ever more intrusive spy OS.

And ultimately, when MS has sucked the last remaining morsels of value out of Windows and casts it aside like the dried-up husk it will be at that point, those people who have given so much to stay on the Windows pain train will find themselves wondering what happened. Windows (as we know it) will be gone; Microsoft's entire product line will be "cloud" "services," and their remaining loyal customers will be the ones most harmed by their failure to realize they were fighting to remain on not just a sinking ship, but one that has been deliberately scuttled by Microsoft while they were still on board.

Many have bet on the imminent defeat of Microsoft and their Windows empire, and these predictors of Redmondian doom always been proven wrong. This, though, is different. I'm not betting on Microsoft to fail... I am betting on them to succeed! I think they want to destroy Windows and drive its users away, but only after milking these users for all they're worth until they finally get fed up with it.

The only explanation of Microsoft's behavior since the introduction of Windows 10 that makes any sense is that MS no longer wants to be in the general-purpose OS market. They want out, I think, but for now, the value of that Windows empire is tremendous, and they're not just going to write that off and call it a day on Windows. They would liquidate that asset first, and what we've seen them do since Windows 10 arrived has no better explanation than being Microsoft's means to that end.

If everything is in the cloud, it doesn't matter how you get there. If you make more money from the cloud than the means to get to the cloud, why not let someone else worry about that and concentrate on the big money makers?

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