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Kentucky gov: Violent video games, not guns, to blame for Florida school massacre

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"The highest shooting crimes in the US are currently in areas with the most restrictive gun laws."

Uh huh, and why do think that is? Do you think that gun legislation leads to gun crime, or, maybe, just maybe, guns are restricted due to high levels of gun crime?

Or may, just maybe, everyone is conflating a number of very different issues.

1. Unlawful use of legally held firearms by their owners

2. Unlawful use of legally held firearms by a household member taking an inadequately secured firearm

3. Unlawful use of legally held firearms by a thief/burglar

4. Gang-on-gang/organised criminal use of black market guns that have always been black market and never touched the white market

The areas of the US with the toughest gun laws are places like Chicago, Detroit and California (namely LA). Remarkably enough they suffer significantly from number 4. Indeed if you look at "American Gun Crime" it is massively concentrated in the top-10 metro areas. Those areas tend to have very strict gun control at a state/county or city level but still have high crime - because you're in group 4. You can go out to rural Wisconsin where every house is basically guaranteed to contain multiple hunting rifles and shotguns but gun crime will be extremely low.

Talking about gun violence in America is lazy and meaningless. America is massive and some areas have European levels of crime (despite widespread gun ownership) and others have very high levels of crime despite near-bans on private ownership. Availability and crime rates only correlate for certain categories of crime and only in certain areas.

It is abundantly obvious that you need different solutions for the different categories of firearms crime, because each is caused by different social factors. Better regulation or indeed prohibition could stem groups 1 and 2, but by definition will do absolutely nothing for group 4 (this is what we found in the UK after 1997 when gun crime continued to rise post-prohibition - Dunblane was a statistical anomaly in a country where the only other significant gun crime was strictly organised/black market. British white market firearms just don't end up being used in crime).

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