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There's six 'editions' of Win 7:

1 Starter, designed for, errm,. 'less powerful' systems in, errm, 'emerging markets' (translated: for low-end, otherwise useless, hunks of junk for the 3rd-world) and should never be seen in 'more developed' markets (places where most of the inhabitants ain't brown or darker). Starter is 32 bit only and has max RAM of 2 GB, min RAM of 512 MB. Missing many features including Aero, user-changable wallpaper, Active Directory. Sometimes showed up in 'more developed' markets on tablets and such very low-end systems. To be avoided at all costs.

2 Home Basic, one step up from Starter. Better, but still low-end, hardware. Min RAM, 32-bit, 1 GB, min RAM, 64-bit, 2 GB. Max RAM, 32-bit, 4 GB, max RAM, 64-bit, 8 GB. Also aimed at 'emerging' markets. Only some Aero features. No AD. Geofencing; thou shalt NOT activate Home Basic outside of certain specific locations, this thing is aimed at 3rd-World, not cheapskate Yankees. Run away, run away.

3 Home Premium. The standard home version for 'more developed' (paler) markets. Up to 16 GB RAM in 64-bit version, otherwise as per Home Basic. No geofencing, so it works in 3rd-world markets, too. All of Aero. Still no AD.

4 Professional. The lowest version that I would even consider. Has AD. Has Aero. Missing some stuff other editions have, notably high-end encryption (no BitLocker) and language packs. Up to 192 GB RAM for 64-bit version, otherwise as per Home Basic.

5 Enterprise. Has almost everything. Aero. AD. BitLocker. Lots of language packs. Not available in stores, you have to get it direct from Microsoft. Same RAM as Pro.

6 Ultimate. Has it all, including excessive cost. Same RAM as Pro.

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