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@ Anonymous Coward: "At some stage, we all have to accept that this is the country that the Americans have chosen. As a Brit I find it baffling that anyone would accept [it.] ... However, despite constant hand wringing and many attempts to "do something about it" after every tragedy, I can only conclude on the basis of outcomes that this is the country they want."

If you want to understand it, it might help to look at where many immigrants to the US have come from:

- Silesians and Pomeranians fleeing the Prussian draft.

- Irish fleeing the potato famines

- Small-time businesspeople fleeing Cuba

- Cambodians fleeing the Khmer Rouge (including a friend of mine)

- Various members of Continental European underclasses

- Motivated people who just wanted a bit more freedom.

(I was shocked when I read Lieutenant W. Leefe Robinson's after-action report on his downing of SL 11 and saw that it was signed "Your obedient servant" - BUT that didn't cause me to cluck condescendingly at Great Britain.)

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