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Kentucky gov: Violent video games, not guns, to blame for Florida school massacre


People will hurt people... there is no way to stop that, its human nature... but its the tools that are available which decides the ferocity of the attack... from fists, to knives, to bullets, the damage is exponential.

Over here, guns are heavily restricted - no handguns, shotguns are limited to 3 rounds, and certainly no high fire rate rifles...

taking a UK spec shotgun into a packed school would be devastating, no question, probably moreso than a standard handgun... but with every projectile the odds of scoring a hit goes up - 6 rounds in a revolver = you would have to be a pretty good shot to make each count, but put 30-100 rounds inside an automatic the odds of hitting more targets starts to look better...

Let the americans have their guns, gun are a great hobby and the majority of users are responsible, but maybe, like the UK limit the number of rounds allowed in a magazine - physically shorter 5-10 capacity will still allow recreational use or at a push - self defence, but in the hands of a lunatic having to pause to change magazines may give the valuable few seconds for the situation to defuse.

Yes, modification and illegal magazines would negate that ruling, but the lunatic that is busy amassing blackmarket equipment is a different sort of motivated to the disillusioned maniac that is just using readily available over the counter supplies...

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