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> Does it have a filesystem area that all apps can randomly write crap into? No. Each app is sensibly sandboxed,

I've always been in two minds about this.

While I understand the sandboxing from a security perspective, it has always rubbed me the wrong way.

The way I see it as me, a user (as opposed to as an IT person thinking security) is that it is an app claiming a file. That is, it is the apps file, because only that app can open, or even see, that file (unless you go through some transferring stuff - migrating it to a computer, then sucking it back into another apps folder - and I hate that term too, its not a folder, it is a directory!).

But that file, say resume.doc, or photo1.jpg, is my file, not the apps file. Therefore I choose which app, at what time, can access that file, not Apple, not iOS.

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