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> Damore has a MS in Sociobiology from Harvard, and the Science in his "manifesto" has been backed up by essentially the whole Sociobiology Community.

About his degree: good for him. Many people hold graduate degrees. Having a graduate degree is not a license to twat.

But: he didn't get fired because of his degree. He got fired because he is a toxic twat at work.

About his "manifesto" having been backed up by essentially the whole Sociobiology Community: Can you provide a reference for this assertion? As in, a list of all the Sociobiologists that have signed their name in support of Damore's idiocy.

Something tells me you won't be providing this list anytime soon. Because if you did, it would be a really small list.

I can't wait to hear how his Civil Lawsuit goes, now that the NLRB has already established that his firing was appropriate. Which is evidence admissible in Court.

Ta-ta. Love what you did with your hair.

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