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Bloke sues Microsoft: Give me $600m – or my copy of Windows 7 back


I understand it is frustrating for people when their PC updates and no longer works. But in this guys case I would say it is down to ASUS to have made sure their laptops were compatible with Windows 10.

And you do have the option to rollback if it doesn't work.

But what happens when the people who decide to keep using Windows 7 end up getting infected with malware or ransomware because their OS is no longer supported? As they did with XP.

They blame Microsoft for that as well.

Microsoft are simply trying to get everyone onto the same OS, so that it is easier to support everyone on a unified platform, and have fewer issues. Considering how many millions of devices run Windows it is literally impossible to cater for every scenario, every device, every piece of hardware.

Windows 10 does run on quite old hardware, I am running Windows 10 on several old Intel Core 2 systems.

My biggest qualm is Microsoft terrible support from useless incompetent support staff. Whenever I contact them, I usually end up giving them support and telling them how things work.

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