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" They even had a pair of original Teletypes connected together [...]"

Many years ago. A prestigious press release day for the announcement of a new mainframe online service for business applications. The night before - the Post Office engineers are still trying to set up a working telegraph line across the rooftops of London. It was thankfully working in time for the arrival of the press and business guests.

The teletype operator at the press venue had instructions never to deviate from the script - always wise advice on a demonstration. Unfortunately the online system was still very unreliable - so there was a Plan"B".

A roll of papertape - prepunched to simulate the mainframe responses - was in a teletype at the mainframe site ready to be patched in when things went pear-shaped.

To everyone's surprise and relief the mainframe behaved flawlessly - until just after the demonstration had finished. It didn't achieve that reliability again until after several more weeks/months of development.

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