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Re: I have a Fujitsu Celsius R650 workstation

>>so a limit of 4 does seem reasonable

>Err no!

> I have a Fujitsu Celsius R650 workstation dating from 2007 running XP Pro x64, it has dual quad-

> core Xeon's. The 2012 R670 gave the option of dual Xeons with 6 cores/12 threads and a choice of

> XP Pro x86 or x64, Win7 Pro 64 or 32.

So what? These all are still 2 socket machines, irrespective of the number of cores.

> So it would seem MS don't really want this version of Win 10 to be used on high-end workstations,

> unless they mean a maximum of 4 physical processors...

Which is exactly what they mean.

BTW, normal Win 10 Pro runs fine (well, as fine as it can be said for this POS OS) on my HP z840 with two 8 core/16 threads XEON E5's and 128GB RAM.

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