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Mark Eaton-Park

Re: "effort wouldn't be better expended on something of more value to society."

@Muscleguy and GM is totally a good thing

Genentic modification of other organism for the benefit of mankind is not in itself a bad thing however being allowed to patent the modification and just dropping the "designs" into everyone's environment pretending things are under control when the complexity inherant make any safety assessment impossible are.

Like the Scientist who made a press statement that british beef was "safe" (without qualification), scientists are not free from corruption and everyone knows that corporate bodies will do anything for even a tiny increase in profits.

Add the two and you get a series of GM nightmares that the corporates and their paid supporters are trying to pretend could never happen, they do not know or care they just want the money and to hell with the rest of the world.

Also given that gene mutatation is how we get difference and is random then how can anyone know if any sequence has not occured randomly before so how can they to ascribe novelty.

"The US has been eating GM food for several decades now and the bodies continue to abjectly fail to pile up and the goo is neither present nor grey" The US is also not known for being the most healthy country with the most nutritious food and so your evidence that GM is "Safe" is unconvincing especially after such a short period and against the media and legal bias bought by the GM companies.

GM is potentially too dangerous to be allowed to be in the hands of bodies who put profit above all else until we have the proven science to predict and avoid in advance the possible disasters this tech allows

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