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Five negative options and only one positive. Maybe just a teensy-weensy bit of bias there?

Bloody good point...

1 I'm cool with sending hardware info - what harm can that do?

2 Angry because I use Linux precisely to avoid this kind of thing

3 OK in concept, but making it opt-out is arrogant and turns me off the idea

4 Come back and ask me again when Canonical explains *exactly* how it will protect my privacy

5 I don't like this one bit because any data collection effort increases the chance of privacy invasion

That's it for me and Ubuntu, I'm off to another distro

1 I picked the first, but none of them fitted, had I not been forced to put my block in a strange shaped hole.

2 Who uses Linux precisely because of data collection? Is it not good enough for anything except the paranoid or privacy conscious?

3 Can't tell 'til the UI is demonstrated, but assuming it's a one-off, and there's no running around changing the settings layout or switching options back to some corporate preference.

4 Aside from some data centre shenanigans using other data to identify me with a set of hardware specs, I really don't see what some hardware specs can do to endanger my privacy. UbuntuOne is gone now.

5 Getting excited over this little bit of information disclosure in the face of the mega corps constantly groping us for every scrap of harvestable data like we're human lightbulbs from the Matrix is winding yourself up like a cheap watch and pointing peoples ire at a small winnow among mega sharks nibbling at your privates all day every day (and they bite).

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