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Using large storage with small bit devices and operating systems:

Just an addendum to say that

In the same way as Printer and Scanner manufacturers got the jack of Microsoft bullying them into allowing the Kernel to run printer and scanner, and produced even more capable printer and scanner able to operate without PC or separate operating system, Hard Drive manufacturers could always build independent storage systems of about 64bit or so that would run large addresses for storage with large buffers and caches but receive them as they do via Sata or USB3. from operating systems of any bit size. we could just tell the drive to store the data (not how to store the data) and it would do so. We would use a simple config to divide it up.

We are now using SSD and NAS it's not that far away.

This would allow INTEL and AMD to create the SWIFT processor 16 x 16bit and make our devices fly.

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