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Re: Time for NUMA, Embrace your Inner CSP

Sir, sir, Mr Register sir, please can we have an artickle from Bazza please?

Meantime, while I think about those words (including words like Ada that might seem to fit in the context but didn't appear):

The distributed French OS might have been Chorus:

Coral was a programming language whose origins were in the UK MoD in the 1960s:

QNX is still around, though you probably can't build a functioning browser, GUI, and IP stack to fit on a 1.44MB (megabyte? what?) floppy like you could in days gone by. Owned by Blackberry nowadays?

Is VxWorks/Wind River still owned by Intel?

Is Simics (the system-level simulator) still owned by Wind River, and thus owned by Intel?

Do Intel "eat their own dog food"? Should they?

It's been a while...

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