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So where do we go from here - Just wake up firstly

I don't need a 64 bit processor,

I remember the story that when Intel told Microsoft that it wanted to build a spiffy new non 86 processor that MS said they would not support it, Intel then crawled back into their corner. Shame Intel should have forged onward then as the competitive landscape was different.

It is not going sideways or backward to use sixteen, sixteen bit processors - 16 x 16, and a processor master. We don't have to reinvent the cube and pretend we are aliens with another wonderful design.

async or in sync we could then run 16, 32 or 64 bit code when needed.

I keep thinking about the days of CD's when a retinue of manufacturers produced 8 bit DAC (Digital to Analog) converters Sony and Technics produced an S-bit 1 bit DAC that flew along more quickly processing 8 bits than the 8 bit DAC's.

Then there was in a bench-marking program called Winbench that exampled many benchmarks, one was a 200mhz DEL Inspiron dual processor (Pentium) that screamed along at 2 bit Read & Write and Processes vastly superior to all others, but as the bench marking used larger bits 4,8.16.32......1024 & 2048 the results plummeted and approached the lowly results of the other models (including my own tiny 90mhz AMI).

Then there's Windows as it went from 16 bit to 32 bit and had to resort to all kinds of silly tricks to provide some mitigation for slowness in handling all the extra zeros (0) and Apple had recently announced warnings about NOT being 64 bit code but old depreciated 32 bit.

Why are we fooling ourselves, every time we invent something large the world goes small, (see wide screen monitors and TV's then we turn to watch screens on our arms), Mobile phones ran code with small processors.

Now we find Intel has resorted to prediction (psychics) to increase the processor speed by 30%

Well Intel, many PC manufacturers and re-sellers clock down your chips as they utilize slow memory, WTF are you trying to achieve against the tide.

The internet is streamed in single bits, and we not going to parallel bit transmissions in like forever so,


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