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Hubert Thrunge Jr.

N900... N9...

I had a N900, loved it, even though it was feature limited until the indie Devs came up with features like MMS for it. Still got two of them somewhere, one is running Mer now.

I grabbed a N9 as soon as they were released. It became one of the longest used phones I've ever had as I used to kill phones in a year. It lasted almost two years before battery life tailed off to make it unusable for me. I resisted Android, went BB10 with a Z10 - great phone. Replaced that with a Jolla, drowned it within a week, so bought another one! Still got it. That's where the N9 was going.

Had Nokia not had Elop, and pushed the N9 globally from it's proper planned launch date, I honestly think the world would be a different place. The iPhone was still in its infancy, it's features were nothing to write home about and lots of things we took for granted didn't work. The N9 was full multitasking, even android didn't do that at the time. The OS was years ahead, but it was murdered by Elop, aided and abetted by the Symbian developers who thought they had a future...

Nokia would have been no.1 and Meego would be on other devices.

But, that didn't happen, and we have HMD selling Nokia's marque in the market, and they are doing very well.

I bought a Nokia 5 for my lads 13th birthday. Well under £200 and much better than a Shenzhen Special Landfill Android jobby.

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