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"This is the one thing I am worried about. Come hell or high water my next machine WILL run a Nix variant because of this auto upgrade rubbish. If the worst comes to the worst I think I will have to run windows in a virtual machine just for certain programs."

Then I welcome you to the new world, where upgrades are not automatic unless they are, everything is easy to find out unless it isn't, things are intuitive unless they are opaque and all you have to worry about is systemd.

Been there. Done that. Have the T-Shirt.

Mint should be your first try in my opinion, though they will ask you to make decisions about *which* Mint that you are unequipped to make at the start. Just go for one and try it out. The installation is relatively painless, or was for me.

After that you may learn to approach software with the catchphrase "what new hell is this?" since everyone has their own axe to grind in the OS GUI world.

And good luck with the hosted windows idea. You may need it by the shovelful.

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