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@"These design flaws should have remained unknown outside of IT manufacturers design labs !"

Only if your name is intel, for everyone else who has discovered that they got ripped off when they bought Intel inside and now find their expensive investment is a liability no matter what OS they put on it then knowing is very very important.

I can only understand your "if only they had not let the truth out" mentality if you own shares or work for intel, otherwise your wanting to pretend the problem does not exist or suggesting that other electronic devices might also have problems then intel is somehow not to blame for screwing their customers is just bizarre.

People paid top money for a product that was faulty, they deserve compensation or replacement of the effected product. If the later requires replacement of parts that are not compatable with the replacement then they need to be replaced too. This is not an unreasonable expectation outside of the US and yet intel are just ignoring their responsibility and trying to confuse the issue in the hope that they can distract their disgruntled customers. What is most annoying is the silence of our own government agencies supposedly created to deal with exactly this sort of problem.

So don't tell me that they should have kept schtum, Intel took the piss and finally got caught and now is the time to cough up the cash to their effected customers, not just in the US, everywhere.

If the cost shuts Intel down then it will be a lesson for every other manufacture and will go some way towards restoring customer confidence.

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