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The Law of Unintended Consequences

I like this law, it keeps me amused.

There is no doubt that the Governments of the Free World are going to spend many millions trying to keep themselves safe and in the process make us less free. The money is there by definition; they just raises taxes or spend less on something else. No-one can stop them.

These Governments do not have the technical resources to do this themselves. There are lots of brains in GCHQ and the NSA but I guess they are currently occupied and not sitting around twiddling thumbs. Furthermore they know what they are doing and getting involved in some half-arsed logically impossible enterprise is not attractive on a Civil Servant's salary. Governments will have to farm this work out to their cronies in the private sector. The Carillions and Capitas of IT.

Years will go buy while these companies suck at the tit of private finance until, for political reasons, something has to be delivered. Very quickly it will be proved unfit for purpose much like a lot of other publicly financed, privately developed work. Liverpool Hospital and the NHS IT systems ring any bells?

So what is the unintended consequence that keeps me amused.? It is that, with all this money and resources wasted on reactionary government control systems, they won't have time to do something really damaging.

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