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Re: Don't panic, "No exploit code has been released."

@werdsmith and "The reality is that I can't do anything about this or any of the multitude of other security vulnerabilities that exist on my computer"

Actually you can:

Never buy intel again

Take your hardware back to the vendor and demand a refund as it was faulty when delivered

Use a secure operating system (good indicator is if they want to spy on your usage)

Complain to your Government representative and ask them what they are going to do about it

Tell everyone you know about the problem and suggest the above advise to them

Basically do not take this lying down, I could go on but just accepting that you have been violated and trying to forget it will not stop it happening again.

Sorry I can't help with the vulnerabilites in your life without more detail which would then be picked up by google etc and get you excluded from medical treatment or atleast make your insurance premiums go up.

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