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Crypto-gurus: Which idiots told the FBI that Feds-only backdoors in encryption are possible?

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2 + 2 = 5

I suspect that even conspicuously ignorant politicians like Theresa May would hesitate before saying in public: "The government needs two plus two to equal five and will legislate accordingly". Even she—hell, even outright morons like IDS, Leadsom and that staggering intellectual turnip Owen Paterson—would surely not be dumb enough to say such a thing.

Yet of course it is because they do not understand math or technology that jackasses keep saying fundamentally the same thing: "We want a backdoor only we can use" ... no matter how often the experts patiently say "It is mathematically impossible".

Don't worry about Donald Trump: he smirks distractedly whenever he hears the word "pair" and wouldn't finish the sentence.

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