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Used to work there!

In my first job out of uni I used to work in what is now the top floor of the museum back in the early 90s (just before the college closed and moved to Coventry). We had networks of XTs (later Amstrad 1640s) and Mac Pluses to look after, supporting office applications on the PCs and CAD (anyone else remember VAMP McCAD?) on the Macs. I've still got a Mac IIsi from the last clearout (as well as quite a lot of furniture from the old dorms...)

As most of the lecturers were older employees (often returned from foreign postings) nearing retirement, we young'uns used to be regaled with tales of Imperial derring-do, and there was definitely a vibe of faded empire about the place. We even had proper tea and coffee served at breaks (with silverware and porcelain, too).

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