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If your software uses .NET then MS will break that too with their Win10 Creators/Fall Creators updates that install .NET 4.7/4.7.1, and with Win10 you can no longer uninstall it and install 4.6.2, which worked perfectly. I use Win10 at home and it's OK, but in the business environment it is a cluster**** of monumental proportions. Even Vista was never this bad, probably because We have customers telling us that MS will ONLY sell them Win10 but until MS decide to stop ****ing about with .NET we can only recommend Win7 for use with our software. At least with Win7 we could block the .NET upgrades and keep them on 4.5.2. MS are shortly going to start losing customers hand over fist over this as we and I imagine many other software vendors are starting to develop for 'Nix due to the incessant problems with using Windows.

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