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Re: Not so great for anyone usign Intel CPUs or those who violate security command structure

never forget intel did it first and IMHO intentionally to gain an edge on their competitors.

You don't remember 1996, do you?

Of course they fucking did! Everything was about going faster. We'd finally hit the Holy Grail of one instruction per cycle, and people still wanted more speed. So let's try sneaking in extra instructions onto idle silicon. It's genius! And if AMD had thought of it first, or ARM, Motorola, MIPS, Zilog or any of the others had thought of it, they'd have tried to do it first too. That's business - getting an edge on your competitors. And for what it's worth, out-of-order execution is an astonishingly clever way to do that.

In 1996 you could log into most FTP servers as "anonymous", and it didn't even check if the password you gave was an email address. In 1996 almost all comms across the internet was unencrypted. In 1996 every internet-connected device had a public IP address. In 1996 you could bounce whatever emails you wanted off whatever SMTP server you wanted. In 1996 the Internet was like the Garden of Eden it was so innocent. Nobody thought like this. Then it got filled with dick-pill adverts and went to crap.

Everybody trusted everybody else in computing (as a rule). It was like Shetland 30 years ago - everyone left their doors unlocked and their keys in their car. If somebody took it, they'd bring it back with a good reason why. Of course Intel made it faster, and of course they didn't think about a bafflingly complicated way to sneak a peek at unauthorised memory. We were using Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 in companies! Security? That just wasn't thought of back then...

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