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Dawn of The Planet of the Phablets in 2019 will see off smartphones

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Came to the conclusion a while ago that mobiles (work assigned me an iPhone 5, and I have my own Moto E LTE) are pretty useless for computing beyond casual web browsing. With the transition to VOIP ( the company is now heavily invested in Skype for Business), a laptop provides the best communications experience, while still the only practical option for remote admin (have you ever tried doing an ssh session on a touch device?) and content creation (just banged out four 5 page SOPs the other day). Tablets might work for arms-length executives who only consume content and dictate an occasional missive to a human assistant, but they're a dead end for the front line troops. As for the great unwashed, while I'm sure Madison Av can sell them on the phablet life, it's likely that like the Ford Pinto, they'll come to regret it. Of course if the handset makers all confine their lines to expesnsive phablets, then we might be headed for a future where an earpiece tethered to a small but powerful laptop in a man-purse -- or a rented local node of opportunity -- becomes the end game.

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