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We should all sue Microsoft!

They are an Abomination Unto Nuggin & therefor should be strapped into a chair ala Clockwork Orange & forced to watch endless loops of "upgrades gone wrong".

I wish I were joking. Consider a giant blinking sarcasm tag scrolling & bouncing around the screen.

After having to jump through seemingly endless hoops to stop my computer from being forced to "upgrade" to an OS I didn't ask for & didn't want, MS deserves to be repeatedly kicked in the bollocks.

For every third party program I had to install to assist me in monitoring my system settings to make sure MS hadn't "helpfully configured" my system "for optimum compatability", they deserve a second set of arse kickings.

For every "important" update that was just another attempt to sneak in Win10 telemetry, they deserve a third set of beatings.

For all the money spent on anti migraine medecin to combat the massive pounding headaches resulting from yet another MS underhanded trick, they deserve to be propped against a wall & beaten with their own ear hair...

TL;DR: MS is a fucking joke that was never funny in the first place & needs to be sued into oblivion...

I'll get my coat, it's got my dried frog pills in the pockets...

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