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And so it begins .... the next 'Cat & Mouse' Game !!!

Intel et al, will eventually develop new CPU Designs that are supposed to eliminate these sorts of 'Side Channel' problems.

Our 'usual suspects' will once again prove that anything that is built can be 'mis-used' in 'interesting' ways and 'new' vulnerabilities will be found !!!

Meanwhile, what do all the millions of people do with the 'old' CPU's that are flawed and from the look of it will remain flawed.

I cannot afford to replace all the PC's / Laptops / Tablets /Phones etc and at the moment even if I could what do I replace them with ???!!!

Software based fixes can be undone, I would not be surprised if someone is trying to engineer 'fixes' to the fixes that have been released !!! [Other than Intel :) :) ]

(Worth the effort as there are so many machines out there to 'run amok' on !!! )

(I know that the fixes are microcode updates BUT have often wondered why someone has not written code that performs microcode changes from Windows itself. It is the ultimate 'Hack' and if done it would be invisible to most users.)

Careful saying it cannot be done :) :)

There are lots of 'Tools' (for want of another name) available that seem to perform things that were once called 'impossible from Windows' !!!

i.e. tools that can change the BIOS from Windows as an example.

Even if it requires a complete re-boot, windows crashes/reboots so often or Win10 requests reboots for updates, so such changes would be performed then.

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