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What the TLAs must do to make it work

1) Ban end-to-end encryption for any communication service based in a country reachable by the long arm of US Justice. WhatsApp is allowed to encrypt messages from users to its servers, but must store the messages, and turn them over at the request of the government.

2) Ban the use of communication services not based on the US or in a friendly country with weak privacy protection laws. You use WeChat, you go to jail. Invoke national security: Claim the goal is to protect the users from being snooped on by the Chinese government.

3) All certificate authorities must issue fake certificates to the government, in order to allow man-in-the-middle attacks. This takes care of HTTPS.

4) Ban any other encrypted communication that cannot be snooped on by a third party as in 1), unless one of the destinations is in a whitelist of controlled companies.

5) Label anybody who is still using encryption in a way that cannot be snooped on as obviously being a terrorist. When privacy is difficult enough to obtain, going through the effort of having privacy is already in itself grind for suspicion.

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