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Who wants dynamic dancing animations and code in their emails? Everyone! says Google

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set PATH=Hell in a handbasket;%PATH%



for %i=Javascript, Java, ActiveX, Dcom, "Code in Emails", Cocane, Uranium, "other really dangerous things"

do Echo Years ago they said don't use %i because it can trash your system, then the next big thing came out.

When computers came out I said to myself it would be interesting to know how they worked, I learnt assembly thru MS debug,write batch files, People said they would save paper and be good for us.

Now I look at articles about the great big piles of mobile phones and other ewaste, I also see Australia cannot recycle it's paper glass and metal,

set PATH=Hell in a handbasket;%PATH%

Now I just observe the mess, wondering how we got to this point.


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