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Adrian 4,

What's a "pro-politics astroturfer"?

Obviously I know what an astroturfer is.

BTW I downvoted you for calling people who disagree with you astroturfers. Particularly as there are plenty of well-known posters on here who've been pretty consistenly rude about Assange over the years. I'm one of them. I mean, I'll happily take money for posting my crap online, if someone's stupid enough to offer. Where do I sign up?

There is a difference. 5 years ago I got more downvotes than upvotes for being rude about Google or Assange. Now it's the other way round? Now it could be that the CIA are manipulating El Reg's voting system? Or it could be that people are just sick of the bugger - and have had longer to look at Google and see some of the sinister behind the shiny.

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