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@Iglethal "You're changing your definitions"

Not at all, in the UK tresspass is not a instant crime. Here you have to refuse to leave before the police get involved.

however we also have laws created for the benefit of vested interests but generally rather than making laws to fill prisons where they again cost the tax payer, we instead try to prevent "crime" in the first place by placing a minimum responsibility on everyone to avoid inviting crime.

Here we used to have things like a welfare system so people do not have to steal to eat because providing money for food to the hungry is cheaper than the time of police, judges and then having pay to feed and house them anyway for the duration of their sentence. Same for housing costs and health care but these are being eroded by people who do not understand that if we have your laws then we get the same outcome that you have, i.e. people being shot all the time. I presume that shooting "criminals" without having to bother with courts or prison keeps your costs down but that just means the criminals go armed and innocents get shot by "accident" .

"It's not so difficult to understand, now is it?" I understand what you are saying, that the analogy is difficult for people who have more lawyers, guns and deaths by shooting per head of population than any other country. I can understand even you believing the BestBuy forensic expert's paid for evidence and the lesson here for everyone else is do not be a system admin in the US they are out gunning for you

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