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We already give up our privacy to use phones, why not with cars too?

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Anonymous Coward

"where drivers pay a monthly charge to lease the vehicle."

It looks cheaper, if you don't look at some disadvantages - i.e. you lose your work, or have a financial setback, yo can't pay for the car any longer, and then you discover to look for and start a new job you need a car. Not everybody lives and work in a big city with a large public transportation network.

I've learnt that owning a car (and buying without a loan, which only makes it cost more) , even if an old one, as long as it doesn't cost more in maintenance than running it, is safer. Just like owning a home ensures you aren't thrown out if dire times comes.

Besides things you can't own, i.e. power or water supply, I find subscription OK only for things I can live without, so I can interrupt them anytime I wish or need. For other critical things, I prefer to own them.

Of course. the renting model is useful if you can deduct the cost from taxes, it may be immediate unlike depreciation which the higher expenses deductions will be split over several years.

People will learn the disadvantages the hard way....

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