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That would depend on the email client. Some don't do JavaScript at all, some can do JavaScript but might have problems with AMP. Some can do just about everything that a web browser can do. I avoid the question by just turning off everything which isn't plain text and basic attachments. No viewing pix or PDFs in the mail, I _must_ download the attachment... if I feel like it. It's amazing how often I don't feel like it. Doing things this way means that macros and such cannot run until I download the attachment and open it with the appropriate application,which I do only in certain very specific circumstances. It means that .EXEs are instantly visible. It makes things difficult for phishers and other fraudsters. It also exposes the kind of person who insists on using HTML and JS tricks to tart up email in an. attempt to hide the fact that they're useless gits. All that I see is the plain text, no pix, no colors, no singing, no dancing, just the text. There would be a reason why I hate webmail and decline to use it.

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