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We already give up our privacy to use phones, why not with cars too?

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Indeed, lots of 15-20 year old cars out there, in close to immaculate condition, going cheap. Youngsters no longer want an old car as their first or second car, they want something new and bling ridden, and leased on finance.

I'm of an age where retirement is only a decade away, so have just bought a mid-90's, immaculate condition (one previous elderly owner, garaged from new, low mileage) car which is now in storage. When I no longer have to do the business miles every day I can kiss goodbye to the modern bling ridden mobile computers. My current daily car - 10 years old - doesn't track, log, or interact with me, but I suspect it's replacement may do.

The only concern is that governments obsessed with tracking everyone may try and force such cars off the road with stupid "road tax" costs under the guise of pollution/emissions, and that as electric cars (with their highly polluting short life batteries) become more common, that petrol may become scarce - in much the same way as 4-star is nowadays.

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