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lots of 'control the communications channel' goings-on here,

remember from the FOI released papers - the ones that the CPS didn't erase - the CPS lawyer who recently retired insisted that - paraphrasing - in this particular case the money spent on Policing Assange(tm) was not a factor to be considered! He went further to suggest to the Swedes that they shouldn't drop the Assange(tm) investigation, and he suggested that teh Met were publicising the multi-million pound costs of the policing off their own bat, perhaps to force a change in the situation.

where in austerity 2018 does UK police/court system get multi-millions £££$$$ from, that is not worth considering?

finally @ Anakin, your Swedish legal news-story mentioned this line "If Sweden is not compliant in the case of Assange, we can be frozen out of exchange of information with US security services and blocked from the purchase of military technology, say those who know."

sounds like there is a lot going on, and astroturfing+millions+strongarming nations are some of the breadcrumbs left behind whilst the idiot Assange(tm) suffers the aftermath of his soft-assassination, perhaps?

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