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Rinse, repeat

My initial motivation for installing an adblocker on my browser, followed by a script manager was those flash ads which would scroll across the screen with video and sound as soon as you scrolled down the page. El Reg was actually one of the worst offenders.

Any singing, dancing email messages will get AMP turned off and serious consideration given to ending email privileges for certain merchants of my acquaintance.

I recently bought a cheep and cheerful pair of shoes from a bricks and mortar shop and got a scratch card with it which revealed a code, put it in at shoe emporium dotcom. To complete this process there was a button to confirm conditions acceptance AND membership of their email list, naughty, naughty. I unsubscribed at first opportunity and left them admonishment on their web page.

Bad behaviour is common, more common than it should be. It would seem the risk of being caught is low and the sanctions not worrying enough.

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