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We already give up our privacy to use phones, why not with cars too?

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Stuff your "subscription model"

I can understand the motor industry's concern. If the asset has a longer life span, people might buy fewer of them. So why not encourage people to effectively use rental cars on micro-rental arrangements? Great for the banks who would finance the asset, great for the car makers because the asset owners will keep the cars fresh by renewing frequently to justify premium pricing. And all packaged up as "an advantage for the consumer".

Now, my experience of rental cars over many years is much of a muchness - smelly cars abused by previous users and doused in perfume to disguise the smell, hidden charges, disputes over damage and attempts to rip-off customers for the alleged cost of fixing the damage. Very limited choice of spec or model.

Maybe the car markers need to think again. Boris bikes might work for bearded hipsters, for the rest of humanity this subscription model stinks.

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