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Yes, Assange, we'll still nick you for skipping bail, rules court

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Anonymous Coward

Infamous cupboard-dwelling WikiLeaker Julian Assange Try Wooser:

As an Aussie, If I was NOW the "UK", I would say to Ecuador politely

It's been 6 years and that is well beyond your diplomatic privileged, please hand him over.

One of the situations of a leaker is the potential to go to prison, it should be considered before things are leaked or leaks facilitated, and while no one wants to go to prison it's part of the principle of the thing,

To take a stand for what one believes in and not hiding in embassy, he is not a political asylum seeker seeking asylum. but ran away from a trustful home detention situation.

Julian you have long ago made any point you might make,

do the correct thing ring the police and come out.

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