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At this time, the US has made no indication that they want Assange.

If he walks out... he will be taken in to custody by the UK and will have to deal with jumping bail.

That's it.

When he does his time, pays his fine... its up to the UK to determine what to do with him.

They will most likely toss him from the UK and put him on a plane to Australia.

If they are nice... they may let him get on a plane to Ecuador. (Most likely not)

So he goes to Australia.

Here... the Australians can take his passport away. Now that he has an Ecuadorian passport, he might be able to leave before the US decides that they want him. The Australian Government is more than likely willing to send him to the US considering his conviction while a teen for hacking US government systems.

That's most likely where he'll get nabbed.

The bottom line... he's not going to be staying there much longer.

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