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Fact is, that will all happen anyway.

Hiding away isn't going to change ANY PART of that. The Swedes already dropped the (immediate) charges. There's nowhere else to go from here.

So whether he came out the day they did that, whether he gets charged and spend a day or a year in UK prison (inevitable anyway, I would guess), or whether he stays in there for another 70 years... the day he steps out, all the same actions occur in pretty much the same order.

- Arrested by UK police

- Charged by UK charge

- Serves UK sentence / pays fine / whatever.

- Then whatever would have always happened anyway.

He thinks that hiding there 6 years instead of 5 will make everyone involved give up and go away and I don't buy that for a second. Certainly the UK courts won't give up. And it's costing no-one else but the UK (and the Ecuadorians) anything to just hang back and wait to see.

Pretty much, I would also suspect that the last five years of trade with the Ecuadorians reflects the increased cost of having their embassy in the UK, by some roundabout negotiating and accounting methods. So it's probably only the Ecuadorians (who seem to have stopped defending him, so much as tolerating his presence) who really care about changing the situation - which is great because they are the only ones able or likely to change anything at this moment anyway.

And when they get sick of him and eject him, guess what... THE SAME THINGS HAPPEN ANYWAY.

All he's done is served 5 years in a self-imposed prison annoying people on top of whatever would have happened anyway.

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