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Serious reply.

Our landline was a new number in 2013 when we moved, there is a chance it was used before. It's been given to two close family members only otherwise people are told to call our mobiles. The line is only really there for VDSL. It does get occasional calls (perhaps once a month) but since we don't answer it I've no idea whether they're spam or not. If they are junk it's likely an auto dialler block dialling every number in our STD code than because someone has that number from a previous subscriber.

My mobile number is from 2005 so likely new and unused before, but I'm also picky who I give it to (I have an older burner number to give to companies who demand one). It gets about 5 spam texts a year which are reported to my network but otherwise most of the spam I get on that is from my sodding network operator!

So I agree with you - not sure if it's me but I don't get many and consider myself lucky.

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