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Until last week, you could pwn KDE Linux desktop with a USB stick

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Windows is therefore more thoroughly tested and stuff like this gets found faster.

And that's why you can't infect Windows machines with malicious flash drives, right? I mean never mind that the malicious flash drive left lying around for a curious user to plug into their machines has been and remains one of the most easily exploited attack vectors for close to 20 years, it must not work because these sorts of vulnerabilities get found faster in Windows, right?

Hating MSFT and evangelising FOSS can't change the maths.

No, it can't. And the maths clearly show that hating on ANY modern OS on the grounds of security is silly. They can ALL be locked down tighter than the NSA's sphincter (and, also, any place that's serious about security would absolutely disable the ability for normal users to mount flash drives at all for the very reason I mentioned above).

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