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> Security may be expensive. Lack of it can cost more.

Can you offer any actual examples from your own experience to illustrate the content of your post?

I am curious to know if you really did suggest to your organisation that the entire stack should be audited and analysed before running their latest "buy one get one free" campaign.

Have you ever heard of "ALARP"?

To give you an example from my own field, which is aviation: there are various scenarios during a take-off sequence in which an engine failure may, or inevitably will, depending on the scenario, lead to a crash. As will, rather more obviously, a sufficiently large loss of propulsion at a certain point after the start of the take-off run. We know this. We have actually quantified that risk. What do we do? Do we give up on aeroplanes? Or do we "just" mitigate this to a point where you say "fuck it, beyond this it just wasn't your lucky day".

Happy flying! :-)

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