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Back in the dim and distant past (1980s) I started working in recording studios in London. The first thing that was drummed into me was not to take any cassette copies of anything - on pain of losing your job.

Of course no-one else took a blind bit of notice but I'd had the fear put in me.

If I was rewiring Trident studios copy room now and the masters of David Bowie's 70's recordings were lying in a box, I would take copies.

At the time I just put the quarter inch tapes on and played them full blast all night while wielding the soldering iron.

30 cassette machines and I didn't make one copy....


I must say that, working in the eighties, there wasn't that much I wanted to keep. Soft Cell, Tears for Fears and Frankie Goes to Hollywood didn't excite me much but there was much worse (Einstürzende Neubauten springs to mind) out there.

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