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UK ICO, Thousands of websites hijacked by hidden crypto-mining code after popular plugin pwned

Joe Werner

"Another good demonstration of why ad blockers and script blockers are essential."

We...ell... there are people who have poor (or no) eyesight. My guess is that they would tend to trust that specific plugin - or at least grudgingly accept it (though I believe you would maybe best run a dedicated text to speech engine locally, but many websites are just sh*t when it comes to being accessible - just try to open them in lynx... my guess is if it does not work there you are out of luck). Maybe most of us who do run NOscript (or so) do have some exceptions that are more or less mandated by the sites we use? Or that make a website usable? Sure, I allow only a few exceptions, and only temporary, but that's all it would take.

So: yes, script blockers are needed and very sensible, but in some cases we poke the holes into that layer of security - out of necessity. And don't give me the "then don't use those websites if they are unusable without scripts"-thing. Some sites mentioned are university homepages. Imagine being a part of that university and you have to organise your work, teaching, learning, outreach, travel claims, .... through their system, which does pull in such a script. In the present case you were lucky if you are sighted and thus could just refuse to run that script - next time it is a script that is actually needed for the operation of the website.

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