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You can resurrect any deleted GitHub account name. And this is why we have trust issues


It's Not GitHub's fault

The fault is dynamically loading code from random folks accounts on GitHub rather than from a proper repository and then hosting either in a CDN you control, or within the application itself. The Maven/Gradle model, where the code VCS is divorced from the code repo is a much more grown up way of doing things. I don't see why JavaScript libraries can't either use the central repository, or come up with something like it. With this model, if my project states that it uses version 1.1, then that's what it will use until I update my dependencies. My site won't suddenly go batshit or start mining cryptocurrency because of some change in a library. I won't get the new version until I ask for it. To me, this is a much better way of doing things than to rely on a third party repo that could change and bork my application. It buggers my mind that people would want to always get the latest changes from third party sites the don't even know, let alone control.

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