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"In New South Wales Australia the gov's "Do Not Call" register works well, you put your name on a list and all cold call and marketing companies have to use the list to remove you from their database or prevent their system calling that number. It works for mobile numbers also."

This is how the TPS in the UK works too. Sadly, the enforcement is a bit lacking and most calls, it seems, come from contracted-out "lead generation" operation in India. It's a loophole that needs closing, along with the "this is a survey" type calls which eventually lead to details being passed on to a sales company who, thanks to the "survey" now claim a "business relationship" with you.

Considering that the government do actually carry out real surveys in this manner, you'd think that they might do something about the scammer "surveys" so their real callers don't get told to fuck off by reflex by everyone.

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